Welcome to Ecksand

Est. 2010 - Montreal, Canada

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New Brand
New Rules

Ten years ago, Ecksand’s creative director, Erica Bianchini, witnessed an industry saturated with patriarchal monotony, outdated style and uneducated retailers. To the trained eye, all styles seemed commercial, and antiquated jewellers were unable to explain where their stones came from, or how a jewel was assembled.

The creation of Ecksand was a response to this irrepressible frustration regarding traditional jewellers’ inability to account for the basic details of their pieces. She believed that clients deserved to fully understand the jewellery they decided to bring home, something that she, as a client, had felt was not the case.

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What Really

At Ecksand, we are as passionate about doing the right thing as we are about bringing you incredible quality. We aim to make the world a better place by supporting honest, ethical and environmentally responsible business practices. Our commitment to traceable gems ensures that all our diamonds and precious gems come from conflict-free mines. Meanwhile our use of 100% recycled gold reduces our overall environmental impact. Finally, our use of only natural, untreated gems ensures that our clients receive only the finest quality jewellery

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Meet the Creative Mind

Meet Erica Bianchini, the creative mind and driving force behind Ecksand Jewellery.
Discover what drives her to keep pushing boundaries within the jewellery industry.

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Inside Our Atelier

Ecksand has united the finest artisans to handcraft every jewel in the maison’s atelier. Situated locally, in Montreal, Canada, the work done in our atelier transcends the ordinary to create timeless works of art. The combined experience of our artisans has borne pieces that carry a traditional beauty, while innovating on the traditional techniques.

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