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A Timeless Proposal

We’ve brought an Ecksand Proposal to life in our newest video: A Timeless Proposal. An engagement ring symbolizes a special promise, celebrate with this couple as they take their first steps into a brand new life together.

The Ecksand Difference

Discover the difference of an Ecksand handcrafted jewel. With 100% Canadian craftsmanship, the promise of ethically responsible gems, and timeless quality, the distinction is in the difference.

The Ecksand Diamond Ring

An Ecksand Diamond ring has an excellent cut with perfected symmetry, it holds only the finest ethically sourced diamonds. These Ecksand jewels are carefully handcrafted by experts in our high end Montreal Atelier. Proving that an Ecksand diamond ring is as unique as she is lovely.

The Ecksand Diamond Twist Ring

Celebrate the unveiling of the exquisite Ecksand Diamond Twist Ring. 100% Canadian handcrafted by Ecksand, the pioneers of quality without compromise.

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The Ecksand Atelier

Every Ecksand jewel is meticulously handcrafted with delicate care. Step inside the Ecksand atelier and witness the artistry of our master jewellers craftsmanship.

Handcrafted from Oyster to Jewel

The Heart of Every Ecksand Diamond Ring

How To Order a Custom Ecksand Ring

Diamond Twist Floral Engagement Ring

Cushion Cut Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Akoya Pearl Ring