Our Story: About Ecksand

our story

Welcome to Ecksand, a proud Canadian brand dedicated to crafting luxurious, unique, and exquisite fine jewellery in our Montreal, Canada atelier. Our Maison is comprised of highly trained experts, jewellers, and designers, who consistently breathe life into the fine jewellery landscape.

A designer's creative vision:

Ten years ago Ecksand’s creative director, Erica Bianchini, witnessed an industry saturated with patriarchal monotony and uneducated retailers. Antiquated jewellers were unable to explain the basic details of their pieces, such as, where their stones came from or how a jewel was assembled. Yet, what Erica also saw was a compelling opportunity.

Today, Ecksand Joaillerie has become the modern answer to jewellery’s ancient problem. Our Maison believes that beauty begins at the source; therefore, we present our jewellery as it was found in nature. By virtue of this, we take pride in the story behind every stone, pearl, and gem. Ecksand is delighted to offer luxurious engagement rings, meticulous Canadian craftsmanship, ethical responsibility, and corporate transparency… all without compromise on value.

Experience beauty as timeless as nature itself.