"Ecksand debuts in Forbes ‘Colored Jewellery Holiday Gift Guide’."

"Ecksand was founded with one idea in mind: to push the boundaries. The maison- which handcrafts all of their jewelry in Montreal, Canada has also created new techniques and offerings."

“A Gem Of A Good Idea"

“Ecksand is transforming the art of jewelry making. The two founders Erica Bianchini and Yoan Gehant Vidoni were passionate about the world of fine jewelry...”

“The new Canadian brand Ecksand is dedicated to keeping their hand sewn creations as natural as they are beautiful, crafting with materials that include conflict-free diamonds and eco-farmed Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls.”

"Everything is hand-crafted and unique, using the highest quality Eco-materials, including metals and gemstones."

“Ecksand Joaillerie is changing the luxury jewellery game. Dazzling us with micropavé hidden-heart rings and honeycomb earrings, featured in high-end jewellery design competitions. ”

"Ecksand creates new systems of building jewellery to achieve the most durability, beauty and quality while keeping in mind people are price savvy and deserve not to compromise one for the other.”

"At Ecksand, we note the popularity of the diamond wedding ring set with pavé diamonds also available with a refined center diamond for an engagement ring as seen in the Stackable collection."

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