Pricing Structure

Because what you wear everyday shouldn’t be one of thousands made in a factory.

quality can
be outsourced

directly sourced gems

As a first tier dealer, we take the time to build strong relationships with mines and cutting facilities. This allows us to control the ethical origin of the diamonds, top level quality, and the elimination of middlemen markups for you.

Crafted in our Canadian atelier, each Ecksand jewel bears the seal of quality and ethical fair-trade without compromise on values.

handcrafted in canada

Each Ecksand jewel is made in our high-end Montreal atelier, the precious materials are meticulously selected by our experts. Controlling quality and design through our in-house workshop is our priority.

We create unparalleled jewels that do not compromise on ethical and earth friendly standards. This results in timeless brilliance and beauty for you to enjoy everyday.

quality without compromise

The choice between a luxurious experience and competitive pricing is not one that we want clients to make. We are constantly challenging the status quo to pave the path for a new jewel buying experience.

Using direct sourcing, in-house production, and our custom stores, the Ecksand experience allows you to have a unique design, personalized service, and high-end quality resulting in utmost value.

Ecksand Diamond Engagement Ring - Pricing Structure