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2022 Trends, Forever

New year? New chapter. New hope. What better way to ring in 2022, than together, with a trending handcrafted Ecksand engagement ring? Here are the top six trending designs of 2022 we know you’ll love!

1. Boldly show your love

Given the many uncertainties of the last two years, you still proved that you could get through this together. Express your love for each other loudly and proudly with our Toi et Moi engagement rings. These delicate rings boast two complimentary stones side by side, symbolizing the love and support you both share forever.

Model wearing Ecksand engagement ring

Shop the look: Ecksand's Toi et Moi Diamond Engagement Ring

2. Timeless style with a vintage appeal

Pear-cut engagement rings are making a major comeback. A value-conscious option, their elongated teardrop shape means that a greater surface area of the diamond is visible, compared to a different cut with the same carat weight. Unique and eye-catching, these stunning engagement rings elongate the finger for a flattering look.

Model wearing Ecksand engagement ring

Shop the look: Ecksand's Diamond Pear-Cut Engagement Ring

3. Live life in colour

Embellish your new year with these vivid gemstone engagement rings. Each precious stone carries its own symbolism, our coloured engagement rings feature a range of ethical gemstones such as Sapphires, Emeralds, Morganites, coloured diamonds and more! Say “I love you” in colour and start 2022 with joy, love, and hope.

Model wearing Ecksand engagement ring

Shop the look: Ecksand's Tourmaline Engagement Ring

4. Hidden token of love

Sitting just beneath the centre diamond, a heart sculpted in gold, is an intricate detail of these romantic Secret Heart engagement rings. In Buddhism, it is said that the highest level of love in a relationship is to feel each other speechlessly. The Ecksand Secret Heart relies on the feeling of the soul, the heartbeat that can be felt by one another. Let this love that you share give you strength in the new year.

Model wearing Ecksand engagement ring

Shop the look: Ecksand's Secret Heart Engagement Ring

5. Eye-catching iridescence

A modern and delicate choice for an engagement ring in 2022, pearls are an organic and lustrous beauty that symbolize feelings of prosperity and good luck. With many styles to choose from, stand out from the crowd with an exceptional Ecksand natural pearl engagement ring.

Model wearing Ecksand engagement ring

Shop the look: Ecksand's Twisted Halo Engagement Ring

6. As unique as your love

Already a popular choice for those seeking unique fine jewelry and meaningful anniversary gifts, eternity, and semi eternity rings are gaining a new meaning as striking non-traditional engagement rings. Truly one of a kind, Ecksand’s exclusive Limited Series collection offers a multitude of distinctive gemstones set within creative designs in a striking display of colour. Each one of these engagement rings is completely unique, so once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

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Shop the look: Ecksand's Multisapphire Limited Series Ring

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