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5 Ear-Crawlers to Embellish your Ears

Non-traditional in the best possible way, ear crawler earrings are the perfect go-to jewel when you’re looking for something elegant with an edge. These whimsical jewels crawl up your ear, creating the illusion of multiple earrings at once. From statement pieces to everyday wear, we put together a list of our 5 favourite ear crawlers. Keep scrolling to discover why our Ecksand team can’t get enough of this intoxicating look.


Timeless Statement Makers

Ethical lab-grown diamonds curve their way up your ears in these brilliant Large Diamond Crawlers. Who says you have to sacrifice glamour for affordability?

Ecksand Large Diamond Crawler Earring

Large Diamond Crawler Earrings


Eye-catching vibrancy

Accented with vivid green emeralds, and gleaming blue and white sapphires, these imaginative ear crawlers are nothing short of entrancing.

Sapphire Emerald Ear Crawler Earrings


Pretty in Pearls

Elegance and iridescence combine with noble recycled gold in these playful pearl ear-crawlers.

Ecksand Pearl Ear Climber Earrings

Pearl Ear Climber Earrings


Something blue

Vibrant blue sapphires gracefully cascade up the earlobe with these deep blue sapphire crawlers

Ecksand Blue Sapphire Ear Crawler Earrings

Blue Sapphire Ear Crawler Earrings


Graphic brilliance

This petal-like design inspired by spring’s first blooms is a striking display of natural diamonds.

Ecksand Graphic Diamond Pavé Ear Crawler Earrings

Graphic Diamond Pavé Ear Crawler Earrings

Ear crawler earrings are the perfect way to lend some non-traditional elegance to your look. Book a virtual consultation with one of our jewelry experts today and let us help you find the perfect ear crawlers for your style!