Ecksand engagement rings on marble

Caring for your Engagement Ring: The Do’s and Don’ts

Engagement rings are a love story in and of themselves. The combination of its sentimental value along with its monetary worth makes it truly invaluable—and definitely worth protecting! Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your engagement ring looking its best. Follow our expert guide below for proper care of your engagement ring—and learn what you should never do while wearing it!

Caring for your Engagement Ring: The Do’s

Insure it

An engagement ring is the third-largest purchase someone will make after a house and a car. By insuring your ring, you’ll have peace of mind that if something were to happen, all is not lost!

Wash your hands with it on

In general, hand soap is usually delicate, so don’t worry about washing your hands with your ring on. Give it a little wipe while you’re at it, and your ring will shine like new again!

Clean it regularly

Cleaning your ring is easy. All you need is a soft-bristled toothbrush and some dish soap. Mix some warm water with a bit of dish detergent in a bowl. Drop your ring in there and start gently brushing away all the smudges of daily wear. Once you’re done, dry it with a soft cloth (or just a towel), et voila! Sparkling new ring.

Inspect it

Check your center stone regularly to make sure it’s not loose. Simply hold up the ring to your ear and shake it. Do you hear anything? If not, that’s a good sign! That means that your centre stone is most likely staying in place. You should also inspect the prongs to see if they are wearing out or getting flat.

Caring for your Engagement Ring: The Don'ts

Apply lotion with it on

Lotion and other creams can cause gunk to build up around the prongs and on the diamond, blocking the light interactions in the stone, which makes it lose its lustre and appear murky.

Sleep with it on

Depending on the size and shape of the ring, you could accidentally scratch yourself, or your partner in your sleep! You can also accidentally loosen the centre stone if a prong catches on something while you sleep.

Clean the house with it on

The harsh chemicals used to clean your house can cause damage to your ring. There are even some cleaning products that can change the colour 

 of the setting or the diamond itself. Always take off your ring before handling harsh chemicals, and always wear gloves!

Workout with your ring

Sports like tennis and golf that require a tight grip can cause excessive wear and tear on your ring. Other activities like swimming or going to the sauna might loosen the setting and you could lose the stone!

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