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Pretty Awesome Values

Here at Ecksand, we’re on a mission. We’re determined to make the one thing you never dispose of, even better. From handcrafting the finest jewels at the finest pricing to creating designs for lifetime wear using sustainable practices in our low-emissions atelier, we are committed to providing you with your forever jewel at unparalleled pricing.

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Always Ethical:

Our jewels are 100% ethical. From our metal to our stones, all our materials are sourced sustainably. Choose between our natural, ethically mined diamonds and coloured gemstones, our eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds, or even our recycled diamonds which produce virtually zero environmental and social impact! All Ecksand gems pass a stringent ethical compliance control ensuring the protection of human rights, safe labour practices, community advancements and minimal environmental toll. Even better? Both our gold and platinum are 100% recycled, so you can rest assured that your Ecksand jewel is ethical all around.

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Always Sustainable:

At Ecksand, we craft the only thing you will never throw out - it doesn’t get more sustainable than that. All of our jewels are handcrafted in our green atelier - our very own sanctuary, optimized for innovative positive impact. No shipping pollution, and the strictest energy-saving & environmental protective measures are what make the Ecksand atelier a true gem.

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Unparalleled Pricing:

Yes, you can have your jewel, and wear it too! Thanks to our rigorous in-house quality control, we are able to reduce shipping costs, and cut out intermediary fees and middlemen markups, which only take away from the value of your finished jewel! At Ecksand, you will attain the highest standards of quality and design, at the finest pricing, so that you can wear the values that are true to you.

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Lifetime-Wear Quality:

Our dedication to craftsmanship and quality means that you can wear your Ecksand jewel forever. Made with the planet and people in mind, our lifetime wear jewels are made to be cherished today and passed down for generations.

You can learn more about how Ecksand is commited to a creating a more sustainable planet by reading The Ecksand Green Report

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