The Ecksand Green Report

The Ecksand Green Report

Here at Ecksand, our mission is to make the one thing you never dispose of, even better. Since our beginnings, we’ve been committed to being the most sustainable, eco-conscious fine jewelry brand we can be. From our low-emission atelier to our minimal packaging, here are some of the ways we’re committed to being evergreen, today and always.

Jeweller Polishing the Ecksand Men's Three-Tone Men's Wedding Band in Yellow, White, and Rose Gold

Our Gold

If you’re like us, you probably recycle used cans, bottles, and paper products at home. But did you know that precious metals can also be recycled? That’s right -- yellow, white, and rose gold can all be recycled repeatedly without degradation in quality. That’s why it was a no-brainer for us when we decided to use 100% recycled gold in all of our designs. In our green atelier, we use only the highest quality recycled gold, so you can wear and cherish your Ecksand jewels for a lifetime and more. And by creating less demand for newly mined gold, we’re minimizing the environmental impact our jewelry has on the world.

A Loose Emerald Cut Diamond and the Ecksand Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Split Shank Diamond Band in White Gold in the Ecksand Green Atelier

Conflict-Free Diamonds and Gemstones

Have you ever thought about why you should buy conflict free diamonds? At Ecksand, ethical is our only option. Since day one, we’ve sourced all our natural diamonds and gemstones from conflict-free mines around the world. Whether you’re purchasing a bridal set or one of our fine jewels, you can rest assured that your Ecksand jewel is ethically-crafted, always. All Ecksand partnering mines work in compliance with the Kimberley Process and United Nations resolutions. It's from these partnering mines that our in-house experts hand-select each Ecksand natural stone to ensure every Ecksand diamond and gemstone is 100% ethical and conflict-free, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Beyond Conflict-Free

At Ecksand, conflict-free is just the beginning. We’re also committed to building sustainable and meaningful relationships with our mining communities. That’s why we’re created initiatives to empower our partnering mines to create positive change within their own communities, from conserving land, to building schools. Together, we’re working to create a better world for everyone.

Jeweller Polishing the Ecksand Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring with Diamond Band in Rose Gold in the Ecksand Green Atelier

Recycled Diamonds

Just like you, we love to recycle! Like our high-end recycled gold, recycled diamonds are another way that we’re creating fine jewelry that’s better for the planet and people. Recycled diamonds are diamonds that have been reclaimed from antique and pre-owned jewelry. Because these diamonds are reclaimed, and not mined, they have virtually zero environmental impact. We source all of our recycled diamond from the world’s best recycled jewelry markets. And before they make their way into your new favourite Ecksand jewel, we inspect each and every gem to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Marrying cutting-edge technology with serious sparkle, lab-created diamonds are the newest -- and 100% ethical -- wave in fine jewelry. While natural diamonds are mined from the ground, lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory setting that mimics the earth’s natural processes. The result: a stunning lab-created diamond that offers the same beauty and sparkle as a mined diamond, without the harsh environmental and social impact. Not only are these diamonds an eco-conscious choice, but they’re also 100% ethical and conflict-free.

“We believe in creating jewelry that lasts forever, while respecting the environment throughout the process. Using the highest quality earth-friendly materials, our passionate jewellers handcraft lifetime-wear jewels to be passed down from one generation to the next.”

Erica Bianchini, Co-founder & Creative Director

Jeweller Holding the Ecksand Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Split Shank Diamond Band in White Gold in the Ecksand Green Atelier

Our Green Atelier

From sketching our designs to polishing our finished jewels, we make a point to put the planet and people first in all that we do. We handcraft all of our jewelry locally, in our low-emission atelier located in Montréal, Canada, and by keeping our production local, we are reducing our pollution and waste, and paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

Our Promise

Throughout our entire design process, in the office, and in our daily lives, we make it our mission to treat the earth with respect and care. We believe in sustainable jewelry for a better world, and we will continue to innovate, adapt, and update our practices to ensure we’re always making the most eco-friendly choices with the least environmental impact. This is our promise to you.

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