Diamond & gem rings in rare colors & unique settings

Rare Colors & Unique Settings

"...A colored diamond is a touchstone of the universe..." -R. Winston 1986

Colored diamonds and gems are a unique way to symbolize your love and commitment. The beautiful color of each rare stone is rich with meaning. Say a lot with a few words with an Ecksand natural-colored ring.

Round Black Diamond with Diamond Band

black diamonds

Hypnotic black hues impart a mysterious intensity.

Pink Diamond in Rose Gold

pink diamonds

Dreamy pinks to fiercer, feminine reds speak of romance.

Yellow Diamond with Halo

yellow diamonds

Sunkissed, yellow shades burst with a fresh radiance.

Blue Sapphire with Halo


A rainbow spectrum of colors capture any story you wish to tell.

Oval Ruby Ring with Halo


Dark red tones are the inextinguishable flame of love.

Green Emerald Ring with Diamond Band


Verdant and exotic greens glow with liveliness.

Blue Sapphire Wedding Band

colored bands

Embrace a pop of color with a unique colored wedding band.

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