20,000 diamonds in inventory provides the
utmost selection and value.

Our GIA trained experts select our top choice of diamonds directly from the source of Canada, Botswana, and Australia. This way you have an array of options for your needs from Canadian certified diamonds to other ethically sourced GIA certified diamonds. Enjoy making the perfect diamond choice online through pictures, video, and GIA trained expert certification or in person at the Montreal store.

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  • 100%

    Our diamonds are free of any enhancement. They are formed by earth and untreated.

  • GIA

    Our diamonds are certified and inscribed on the girdle with ID numbers by GIA - the world's foremost authority on diamond grading since 1931.

  • Conflict

    Enjoy diamonds that are ethically sourced from mines which encourage redistribution and have strict labor and environmental standards.

  • Without

    Diamonds that are purchased directly from the source do not incur traditional high margin dealer markups.

bridal rings

Behind our one of a kind wedding designs is a passionate team of expert jewellers, designers, and gem specialists. Creative director Erica Bianchini's intuition for creating a contemporary everyday style that meets traditional Canadian craftsmanship shines brilliantly with the collaboration of our team. Our bridal collections are available in gold and platinum.

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handcrafted jewelry

From our choice of diamonds to our leading edge craftsmanship techniques, the unique design process behind Ecksand collections built in Canada is what differentiates them from others.

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Our Benefits and Services


Feel confident with our lifetime guarantee.

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Include a personalized engraving on your Ecksand jewel.

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Enjoy our free diamond upgrade service

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Everlasting beauty with our complimentary yearly checkup and cleaning

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Competitive buyback pricing on your estate jewels

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Custom make a new jewel or redesign with the help of our experts.

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Committed to your happiness

A maison that handcrafts the highest quality with lower markups is completely oriented around your needs. From expert trained support to help you choose the perfect diamond and jewel to a lifetime of after care service, we're devoted to assuring you receive a one of a kind jewel and experience that leaves you feeling wonderful.

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