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Bridal Set Including the Ecksand Pavé Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Band and Ecksand Pavé Semi Eternity Diamond Pavé Wedding Ring on White Table

Conflict-free diamonds

From our engagement and wedding rings to our fine jewelry, all the diamonds we use are 100% ethically sourced. With the purchase of an Ecksand conflict-free diamond, you're helping contribute to the betterment of communities around the world.

Hand-painted Map of the World with Push Pins in Canada and Botswana

Ecksand’s only option

At Ecksand, conflict-free and ethical diamonds are our motto. We know that conflict diamonds -- also known as “blood diamonds” -- have contributed to international conflict for decades. We want our diamonds to do better. This is why all Ecksand diamonds are 100% conflict-free.

Since the beginning, we’ve sourced all Ecksand natural diamonds from conflict-free mines worldwide. To ensure you receive a completely ethical diamond, we hand-select each of our mined diamonds in compliance with the Kimberley Process and United Nations resolutions. All our natural diamonds come from ethical mines in Botswana, Canada, and Australia.

The Best in Conflict-Free

We partner long-term with mines that promote the betterment of their communities. When you buy an Ecksand diamond, you’re not just supporting ethical mining, but an entire community.

An Ecksand Jeweller Inspecting two Loose Round Cut Diamond and a Loose Cushion Cut Diamond with a Jewellers Loupe and a Large Green Ecksand Jewellery Pouch

Beyond the Kimberley Process

Established in 2003 by the United Nations, the Kimberley Process is a set of standards that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the world market.

We partner exclusively with mines that adhere to the Kimberley Process, ensuring ethical labour practices and work conditions. But even that is not enough. At Ecksand, we go above and beyond the Kimberley Process to ensure you purchase a diamond that does good. In addition to Kimberley Process compliance, all Ecksand partnering mines also partake in the betterment of their communities, such as building hospitals and protecting land.

Diagram of the Positive Impacts of Purchasing an Ecksand Jewel Including a Loose Diamond, an Ecksand Engagement Ring, a Hospital, and an Ethical Mine

Diamonds for a Better World

By purchasing an Ecksand conflict-free diamond, you’re contributing to a better world. By supporting ethical mines and legal diamond trading practices, we’re building a safer and more ethical diamond industry. On a smaller scale, you’re empowering small, conflict-free mines to effect positive change in their immediate communities, creating jobs for their people and protecting their piece of the planet.

An Ecksand Jeweller Placing Loose Round Cut Diamonds into the Ecksand Blossom Diamond Pavé Flower Necklace

The Confidence of GIA

Established in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a non-profit dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology. GIA is the world’s trusted authority on diamonds and its 4C’s method has become the industry standard for assessing a diamond’s quality. A GIA-certified diamond has undergone the institute’s meticulous and objective grading process. When choosing your Ecksand ring, you can select a conflict-free natural diamond that comes with a GIA certification. This certification allows you to know the exact characteristics of your diamond.