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Diamond Carat

Carat; you’ve probably heard this word before, but what does it mean? Carat accounts for the weight of your diamond, making it a crucial factor to consider when shopping for your diamond. But how exactly can you choose the correct diamond carat for you?.

Diamond carat:
The weight of a diamond

One of the GIA’s 4C’s, a diamond’s carat weight, gives an idea of the volume of the stone, or simply put, its size. However, the relationship between a diamond’s carat weight and size depends on a number of other factors, including cut and shape. It’s important to remember: a larger carat weight does not necessarily mean bigger diamond.


1.50 carats


Diamond Scale
1.5 Carat Diamond

1.50 carats

Want to get the most value from your diamond? Maximize your diamond’s carat weight

Certain diamond shapes, like marquise and oval cuts, maximize carat weight, creating the illusion of a larger diamond per carat compared to other shapes.

Ecksand’s range of diamond carats

At Ecksand, we offer diamonds ranging between 0.30 to 5.00 carats. Even better, you get to personalize your ring with the diamond carat of your choice. Plus, our Ecksand expert designers will be there to guide you through the entire process, ensuring you receive the engagement ring of your dreams.

Want to personalize your engagement ring?
Think carat weight

As one of our Ecksand experts, Alizée always says: “Carat weight is the easiest way to personalize your engagement ring to suit your style”. Remember: you will be wearing this ring every day for the rest of your life, so be sure to take into account your personal lifestyle. Now that you have learned about carat learn about the other 4 C’s, Cut, Colour, Clarity