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Diamond Cut

Cut is the characteristic to consider when choosing your diamond. Why? A diamond’s cut is the key to its brilliance and sparkle.

4 Ecksand Diamonds with Various Cuts

The Key to Your Diamond’s Beauty

Of all the 4C’s, cut is the characteristic most crucial to a diamond’s beauty. So what is diamond cut? Cut refers to the way a diamond’s facets are arranged, including its symmetry, proportions, and polish. All of these factors come together to determine how much light a diamond will reflect. Simply: cut determines the brilliance and fire of your diamond. It takes expert craftsmanship and know-how to ensure that a diamond’s cut delivers the most exquisite sparkle possible.

Ask an Ecksand expert. Which of the 4C’s is most important?

According to Ecksand co-founder Yoan, ‘cut’ is the most important of the 4C’s. When choosing your diamond, ‘cut’ is the most crucial aspect to consider since it determines a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. A diamond can have high-grade clarity and colour, but if it’s cut poorly it’ll be a less interesting diamond.

Multiple Ecksand Diamonds in Different Cuts and Shapes

The Diamond Trifecta: Cut, Polish, and Symmetry

We already know that cut fuels a diamond’s brilliance, but why are polish and symmetry important? These two characteristics interact with your diamond’s cut and are essential to your diamond’s overall beauty. Polish accounts for your diamond’s glass-like finish and symmetry defines how precisely a diamond’s facets align with each other. Together with cut, these aspects affect how much light reflects throughout your diamond. Like cut, polish and symmetry are graded along a scale, with excellent polish and symmetry producing the most brilliant diamond. Now that you have learned about cut learn about the other 4 C’s, Carat, Colour, Clarity