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The Ecksand Double Diamond Halo Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

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Created by purposeful and passionate minds, we set out to make the engagement ring shopping experience more sustainable and approachable for you.

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From single-stone engagement rings rich in history, to ethically sourced gemstones 360 degrees around the band, Ecksand engagement rings are crafted to celebrate special moments for a lifetime of love.

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Diamond engagement rings

Ethical diamond rings like no other, created with Ecksand’s quality Canadian craftsmanship and high-end sustainable materials.

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The Ecksand Double Diamond Halo Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold

A ring to be proud of forever thanks to:

Top notch ethical Canadian craftsmanship

Awesome inclusive pricing value

Strict sustainable ways of doing things

Ethical is our only option. Our diamonds and gemstones come from ethical sources because we care about the planet and its people.


We offer a selection of natural, lab-grown, and recycled diamonds, that are equally beautiful and ethical.


Coming in a wide array of hues, our gemstones are set into timeless designs made to celebrate the important moments of your life.

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