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Too often clients are forced to sacrifice the ultimate luxurious experience and excellent craftsmanship for competitive pricing. Ecksand is built on ensuring that our clients will never have to make this choice. By ethically-sourcing our diamonds and curating an extraordinary team of expert gemologists, jewellers, and top designers with decades of cumulative experience, we pave the path for a new way to relate to your jewellery. With Ecksand, your buying experience is like no other. To learn more about the unique experience we offer, click here.

Our Diamonds

Where are Ecksand diamonds from?

As a first-tier dealer, we acquire our diamonds straight from the mines and cutting facilities we have take the time to build strong relationships with. The mines we hand-select our diamonds are in Botswana, Canada, and Australia. These mines are 100% conflict-free mines. This is to say that all the mines, inclusively, that Ecksand acquires its diamonds from are governed by strict, formal labor laws that ensure appropriate work conditions and prohibit child labor, among other standards, which ensure each Ecksand diamond is entirely ethically-sourced.

Do Ecksand have Canadian branded diamonds?

Ecksand carries Canadian branded diamonds with GIA certification with a paper copy of the Diamond Grading Report and the Canada mark certification authenticating the provenance of where the diamond was mined in Canada.

Are Canadian diamonds better than other Ecksand diamonds?

Canadian diamonds are high-quality diamonds but because all Ecksand diamonds come from ethical and high-quality, authenticated sources, the only real benefit of having an Ecksand Canadian diamond versus a diamond from Botswana or Australia is simply to have the Canadian brand associated with it.As all Ecksand fine jewels are proudly made in our high end Montreal Canadian atelier, we feel that is of utmost importance that you have a Canadian made ring crafted with ethical diamonds as the perfect ensemble for you. This is better than a Canadian diamond that is put in a ring which is fabricated in factory overseas.

Are Canadian diamonds more expensive than other diamonds?

There is a slight difference in the pricing of Canadian diamonds because of the efforts involved in tracing and branding the diamond. However, it is important to note that diamond prices will always vary according to the clarity, color, cut of the diamond, among other characteristics.

Why diamonds from Africa?

At Ecksand, we are extremely conscious of the impact we have in the world. That's why we onlyacquire our diamonds from mines that share the same values as we do. Unlike any other African country, Botswana has tied together its diamond wealth to invest and reinvest in the future of the country and its people. GDP and standards of living for the people of Botswana are rising because the government, who owns a portion of the diamond production industry, puts this money back into the economy. In this way, Ecksand supports an ethical diamond production, but social redistribution as well and ensures that every Ecksand diamond is 100% an ethical diamond.


Ecksand pricing seems so competitive for such high quality, how is that possible?

Ecksand employs a three-fold strategy which enables our customers to benefit from competitive pricing while at the same time enjoying luxurious jewels crafted to the highest standard. By sourcing all our precious stones, directly from mines or pearl farms (cutting out the middlemen), handcrafting all Ecksand jewellery in house as well as selling all jewellery at our boutique in Montreal and through our online store, we are able to diminish costs all around. In this way, we control every step of the jewellery process, from start to finish, and ensure you are able to take home luxurious jewellery at a competitive price. At Ecksand, we will only ever give you top quality at a reasonable price.


What type of certification do I get with my Ecksand Diamond?

As a renowned Canadian jeweller, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level of transparency about the true characteristics of your diamond. Each and every single Ecksand diamonds is untreated. All colorless diamonds over 0.30ct comes with GIA laser inscription and certification, which you will receive in paper copy upon your purchase.

What does GIA certified mean?

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America, which is highly regarded for their strict grading system and standards regarding diamonds. Each Ecksand diamond, before reaching Ecksand, goes through a thorough analysis before receiving its final grading report (this is like a passport for your diamond). The grading report contains all the data regarding your diamond. We highly recommend you keep it in a safe place upon receiving it as it is associated and carries the inscription number that is embedded in the diamond.

Payment Options

What methods of payment are accepted by the Ecksand Online Store?

The Ecksand Online Store accepts the following payment methods:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, and Amex

The total will be charged to your card upon placing the order. Ecksand Online Store features a Fast and Secure Guest Checkout assuring that we do not keep credit card information on file for your own security.

PayPal: Shop easily online with PayPal. By using PayPal you do not have to enter your credit card details on the website. Your account through PayPal will be charged once your Ecksand order is completed.

By Phone: You may also process your payment securely by phone with the help of an Ecksand expert. Clients purchasing engagement rings, wedding rings and jewellery that requires configuration or customization all by phone as the final pricing is based on the precious materials which are personalized and applied to the jewel.

Payment Security

How does Ecksand safeguard my credit card and personal information?

On the Ecksand Online Store, every purchase is made with maximum security thanks to full advanced encryption services (SSL) which encrypt the connection between your browser and Cloudflare, and from Cloudflare to your server. We only use protected connections, as demonstrated by the "https" URL prefix and the lock symbol that appears in the browser's address bar.

To safeguard your credit card purchases, you will always be asked to enter your CVV code for every order whether By Phone or through the Online Store. Our Payments department may carry out anti-fraud checks before approving the transaction, they may contact you for further details before confirming the order.

Returns, Exchanges & Adjustments



Your satisfaction is our priority and we do everything to assure that your Ecksand jewel surpasses your expectations. In the event that you need to exchange or return, we’ve got you covered. Exchanges and returns accepted within 15 days from date of readiness (“Ready-for date” on invoice).

Should you require a resize or any other adjustments, you can return your Ecksand jewel back to us. Here's how:
1. Let us know what you want to modify by phone at +1 514-804-7263 or by email.
2. Return your jewel for free with the FedEx return label that is sent to you upon request or present yourself in boutique.
3. Get notified when the adjustments are done, and when your jewel is on its way - still free, fully insured and with a tracking number too.
Alterations on an Ecksand jewel, resizing your ring for example, are made within 10 business days. If you want it ready in 5 business days, a $50 rush fee will apply.

Thinking about another Ecksand jewel?
1. Let us know which jewel you would prefer instead by phone at +1 514-804-7263 or by email.
2. Return your jewel for free with the FedEx return label that is sent to you upon request or present yourself in boutique.
3. If your jewel is in as-purchased condition, you'll get notified when your new Ecksand jewel is on its way - all free, fully insured and with a tracking number too.
We handcraft each piece on demand so depending on the schedule of our workshop, it may take from 3 to 5 weeks until you receive your new Ecksand jewel.

We're sorry to hear that you need a full return which we’ve made possible on all Ecksand jewelry.
1. Make sure your Ecksand jewel is in an unaltered, as purchased condition.
2. Return your jewel for free with the FedEx return label that is sent to you upon request or present yourself in boutique.
3. When the return is approved, receive a full store credit of the total amount of your order for unlimited time.

On fine jewelry only*, you can opt for a refund minus a restocking fee of 5%.

*Engagement rings, wedding bands and custom jewelry exempt.


At Ecksand, we offer a lifetime diamond upgrade service. Our clients are welcome to bring back the diamonds they have bought from Ecksand for an upgrade service with no restock fee applied. This service is available with any GIA certified diamond shape. Please click here to learn more about the Ecksand Diamond Upgrade Service.


What does free shipping involve?

Ethical fine jewelry knows no bounds. That's why our shipping service is always free of charge no matter where you are in the world.

All Ecksand jewels are gift wrapped in an Ecksand signature packaging and sent with FedEx priority delivery in a confidential fully insured parcel. A signature upon reception of the parcel is required.


Ecksand can ship anywhere. We always send your order with FedEx priority delivery in a confidential fully insured parcel. Each Ecksand jewel is handcrafted on demand, so our delivery takes from 3 to 5 weeks - including craftsmanship and shipping time.

Will I be charged sales tax on my purchase?

If you have tax-exempt status, please contact our Montreal Boutique at (514) 804 7263 or email our sales team at [email protected]

  • Alberta - 5% GST will be applied
  • British Columbia - 12% HST will be applied
  • Manitoba - 5% GST and 8% PST will be applied
  • Nunavut - 5% GST will be applied
  • Nova Scotia - 15% HST will be applied
  • New Brunswick - 15% HST will be applied
  • Newfoundland & Labrador - 15% HST will be applied
  • Northwest Territories - 5% GST will be applied
  • Ontario - 13% HST will be applied
  • Prince Edward Island - 5% GST and 10% PST will be applied
  • Quebec - 14.975% QST will be applied
  • Saskatchewan - 5% GST and 6% PST will be applied
    • Yukon Territories - 5% GST will be applied

      International customers are required to pay their state sales tax upon delivery of their purchase. Ecksand does not include tax on orders shipped outside of Canada.


      Does my Ecksand jewellery come with a Warranty?

      Ecksand was founded on the premise that jewellery is forever. So it’s no wonder that our jewels can deliver a lifetime of beauty. That’s why at Ecksand we offer the special Ecksand Lifetime Craftsmanship Warrantyall Ecksand customers on all our products.

      What does Ecksand Lifetime Craftsmanship (ELC) Warranty entail?

      The basics covered by ELC Warranty extend to all fine jewellery, including but not limited to Ecksand engagement rings. The ELC Warranty covers all defects incurred during the craftsmanship process, i.e. craftsmanship defects. In order to be considered a craftsmanship defect, our jewellers must assess that in fact this defect was a result of craftsmanship and not of normal wear and tear for example. The ELC Warranty is a lifetime of coverage on all Ecksand jewellery. If damage of your jewellery is due to a craftsmanship defect, Ecksand will repair or replace the parts in question free of charge. In some circumstances, you will have to pay a fee. In exceptional circumstances only will Ecksand replace the entire item free of charge.

      Are there any other services included in the ELC Warranty?

      We offer our customers resizing service of their Ecksand rings free of charges fitting period of 1 year after their purchase. This is to make sure our rings are perfectly comfortable for you to wear every day.

      Is the ELC Warranty also applicable on custom rings?

      The ELC Warranty covers every Ecksand jewellery piece, including but not limited to custom rings unless the diamonds or gems are provided by the customer.

      What about center stones?

      Center Stones or diamonds set above 0.20ct are not subject to the lifetime warranty. We encourage our customers to get their jewellery insured by their personal insurance. If a center stone is loose, Ecksand customers can bring their jewellery in for a complimentary check up. The warranty does not cover the loss of a center stone. In the case of a loss, Ecksand customers are invited to contact their personal insurance.

      What are the conditions I must meet to benefit the ELC Warranty and maintain its coverage?

      The ELC is available only to the individual who directly purchased the jewellery from Ecksand. To benefit from the warranty and the services it provides, Ecksand requires: (i) proof of purchase upon arrival at Ecksand; (ii) all prior services on your jewellery have to be done at Ecksand. Maintenance, repair, upgrading, sizing, or other service performed by an individual or company other than Ecksand after your purchase from Ecksand will void the ELC Warranty. In order to maintain coverage of the ELC Warranty, Ecksand requires a regular cleaning and inspection every year starting from the time of your original purchase.


      what about Cleaning/Polishing after purchase?

      We offer our customers free cleaning and polishing for any jewellery for 1 year post purchase.


      How can I get in contact with an expert?

      Toll Free: 1.866.726.7263

      Local: 514.804.7263

      Email: [email protected]

      Downtown Boutique:

      632 Rue Cathcart H3B 1L9

      Montreal, Quebec, Canada