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The Ecksand team of experts work closely with you during the process of your order. The first step is to direct an expert as to which engagement ring or jewel you adore which you can simply do by filling out one of the Ecksand forms, calling or emailing our team. This will give our experts an overview of what you’re looking for allowing us to advise you according to your preferences and needs.

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Choose your stone with our experts

All Ecksand diamonds and precious gems are natural and without any tampering or enhancement. Sourced directly from conflict free diamond mines, our diamonds are selected to deliver optimal well balanced brilliance and value. Each Ecksand diamond is additionally inscribed and certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) which provides you with extensive knowledge and assertion about your selected diamond. Together with our jewellrry experts you will find your perfect diamond from a selection catered to best be put in the spotlight in your preferred Ecksand ring. Through photos, certification details, and video we assure that you receive the ultimate Ecksand guidance and experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Personal 3D render

Upon the finalization of choosing your perfect diamond or precious gem, we create and send you a 3D computerized model picture with your selected center diamond or gem which provides you with a distinct visualization of the proportions and characteristics of your future Ecksand jewel. The 3D rendering helps our team of Ecksand master jewellers and creative designers decide on any final adjustments or tweaks to perfect your Ecksand jewel.

Meticulous handcraftsmanship

Our master jewellers and diamond setters handcraft each Ecksand jewel to eco-friendly Canadian atelier located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Through our unparalleled in house fabrication we stand by our strict quality standards, assuring that Ecksand clients receive the utmost high-end experience without compromise on value. We know that you make special plans that involve your new Ecksand engagement ring or jewel and make a point to respect all discussed delivery dates for you. Once your jewel is perfected, an Ecksand representative contacts you to confirm your shipment details which includes free of charge fully insured shipping and policies.

Your Ecksand jewel

Your perfect Ecksand jewel

The gift of an Ecksand ring or jewel bears the seal of quality and everlasting elegance, therefore, Ecksand has a lifetime guarantee of endless beauty. Our experts are always here to help. Should you have any questions regarding your jewel, do not hesitate to get in contact with us. It is our passion to create timeless jewellery that you adore forever.

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