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Front view of the Ecksand Pavé Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Band with Diamond Tweezers and a Jewellers Loupe

Lab-grown diamonds

We know that choosing the right diamond is a personal decision. At Ecksand, we offer lab-created diamonds to cater to your preference. Physically identical to our natural diamonds, our lab-created diamonds are also a 100% ethical choice.

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A Pair of Loose Round Cut Natural and Lab-Made Diamonds on a White Table

Natural vs. Lab-grown diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are physically identical to natural diamonds. However, these two types of diamonds possess a few differences. For one, the production of lab-grown diamonds produces less waste and uses less water than mining natural diamonds. Synthetic diamonds are also less expensive than natural diamonds, which makes them a value-conscious choice.

A Value-Conscious Choice

Not only are our lab-grown diamonds ethical and eco-friendly, they’re also a value-conscious option.

An Ecksand Jeweller Inspecting the Ecksand Pavé Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Band with a Jewellers Loupe

Created on the Cutting Edge

Lab-created diamonds are made in controlled lab environments. These labs use cutting-edge technology to recreate the processes that form natural diamonds.

Front view of Ecksand's diamond engagement ring and a loose diamond held by jeweler tweezers

Ecksand’s Lab-Grown Diamonds

Unlike natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds -- also known as cultured and synthetic diamonds -- are created in laboratories, rather than formed in the earth. Even though they're man-made, all lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. They possess the same chemical and physical qualities as natural diamonds. Due to their lab origins, all lab-created diamonds are always ethical.

Whether you choose a lab-grown or natural diamond is a personal decision, that's why at Ecksand we offer both options. All of our synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories in the United States.

Front view of two Ecksand's Pavé Engagement Rings with round and heart shaped Diamonds

The Confidence of IGI

Just like how GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the authority on natural diamonds, the International Gemological Institute (IGI) is renowned for grading lab-created diamonds. An IGI-certified lab-grown diamond has undergone the IGI’s meticulous assessment methods. At Ecksand, all of our lab-created diamonds are IGI-certified so you can shop synthetic diamonds with confidence.