Made new

Custom jewelry that truly reflects who you are

You've had a few pieces of jewelry sitting in your jewelry box for long enough! Ecksand Made New is a proven design service to create your custom made jewel. Like thousands of happy customers before you, fill in this quick form and we will get back to you instantly within 48h.

Our Ecksand team of jewelers and designers will assess the piece accurately and see what is usable in a new designed jewelry piece and what is not. From there, we'll create the design that best honours the sentimental attributes and puts your original gem(s) in value.

You inherited or were offered a loose gemstone you find beautiful but don’t know what to do with it? Not even sure what stone it is? That’s when our Ecksand team of jewellers and designers come in. We accurately assess the value of your gem(s) and discuss with you your design options that will highlight the unique properties of your stone while matching your personal style.

With our wide selection of gemstones and our passion for designing custom pieces, Ecksand Made New makes the creation of your custom jewel fun and easy. You tell us your needs and vision and sit back while our Ecksand jewellers bring it to life.

Design ideas in 48h*

We'll get back to you quickly because we know how important a project is creating a custom piece.

*on business days.

Reliable shipping service

Shipping your heirloom or loose stones has never been more secure than with our fully-insured FedEx parcel.

Handcrafted in Canada

Handcrafted in our atelier in Canada, the gems of your custom jewel are set in sustainable recycled gold.

Lifetime-wear quality

Our in-house Ecksand designers and jewellers assess your piece, select the gems if needed, and handcraft your jewel to perfection : a guarantee of quality for life.

Best pricing guarantee

You get an accurate quote and you know exactly what you pay for. No added fees and no delays are our guarantee.

For repurposing: If there are materials from your old jewelry that we don’t use but still hold value, we’ll be able to apply credit towards your newly designed Ecksand jewelry piece.



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