The Ecksand Fine Jewelry Story

Ecksand is a fine jewelry brand founded in 2010 in Montreal, Canada by a group of precious gem passionates with over 30 years of expertise in acquiring the finest and rarest jewels. Combined with co-founder and creative director Erica Bianchini’s innovative vision, Ecksand is delighted to offer luxurious engagement rings, meticulous Canadian craftsmanship, ethical responsibility, and corporate transparency that excite you for a lifetime… all without traditional markups.

A Designer’s Creative Vision Of Timeless Beauty

Ten years ago before joining Ecksand. Erica Bianchini, witnessed an industry saturated with patriarchal monotony and uneducated retailers. Antiquated jewellers were unable to explain the basic details of their pieces, such as, where their stones came from or how a jewel was assembled. Yet, what the young designer saw was a compelling opportunity. Today, Ecksand has become the modern answer to jewellery’s ancient problem. The Ecksand style is distinguished by focus on the natural beauty of the precious gems, handmade sleek edges, everlasting understated elegance, original colors and innovative diamond setting.

Authentic conflict free diamonds and precious gems

Our Maison believes that beauty begins at the source; therefore, we present our jewellery as it was found in nature. By virtue of this, we take pride in the story and provenance behind every stone, pearl, and gem. Ecksand diamonds are sourced directly from conflict free mines in Canada, Botswana and Australia which support redistribution and have stern work and ecological values. All our diamonds and gems are noble. They are untreated and all natural; absolutely nothing is enhanced.

Dedicated to handcrafting in Canada

Ecksand is comprised of highly trained experts, jewellers, and designers, who consistently breathe life into the fine jewellery landscape. Each Ecksand jewel is 100% handcrafted in Canada in our eco-friendly atelier located in the heart of Montreal.

Low Impact and Markup Infrastructure

Throughout the past five decades, the jewelry industry has been flooded with low-cost factory made jewelry which encourages atrocious work conditions, over-priced low quality, expendable jewelry and more damaging waste. Ecksand has created a production process to be proud of. When you purchase a handcrafted Ecksand jewel, you can be confident knowing that your diamond or gemstone was ethically sourced and produced in limited quantities. This allows you to have a high quality jewel with minimal environmental and social impact. Ecksand believes you can have a high-quality, luxurious jewel without the high price tag typically seen in large department stores. To avoid high markups, Ecksand has removed the middleman and purchases all their gemstones and diamonds directly from the source. This allows the Ecksand jewelers have full control of the quality and origin of each diamond.