The Ecksand Pavé Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Double Diamond Band in Jewelry Workshop

Our values

are at the core of everything we do

Bettering the planet one jewel at a time

A sustainable future

“Better for the planet and for the people” is our motto. At Ecksand, we believe in environmental and social sustainability. Everything we do -- from upcycling materials to sourcing conflict-free gems -- is all for the improvement of the planet we live on and the communities we are a part of. Every step of the way, we are continuously looking towards the future, adapting, and taking nothing for granted.

Jeweller Crafting a Piece of Jewelry in the Ecksand Atelier, A Shot of Downtown Montreal, and an Assortment of Ecksand Conflict-Free Diamonds

Craftsmanship know-how

Experience that matters

Our green-energy atelier hosts a tight-knit team of expert jewellers and gem-setters. Their know-how is the priceless asset that makes your Ecksand jewel so special.

A team with a mission

Working together for a better tomorrow

An Ecksand jewel is not produced in a factory amongst thousands of carbon copies. Each of our jewels is handcrafted in our Montreal atelier by a team of detail-oriented experts. The sustainable life cycle of an Ecksand jewel and our collective impact on the planet is what drives the Ecksand family. From our small-batch production, our energy efficient atelier, and reusable Ecksand mugs to upcycling gems and recycling gold, we’re always challenging ourselves to set the bar higher to give you the best of the best. 

Two Ecksand Blossom Diamond Pavé Rings in the Ecksand Atelier

Lifetime-wear quality

Jewelry shouldn’t be disposable

We're dedicated to creating bespoke fine jewelry that lasts forever and never goes out of style. The sentimental value of your Ecksand jewel is something that will be cherished today and passed down for generations. 

Two Ecksand Pavé Diamond Triology Engagement Rings


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

The jewelry industry produces a lot of waste. We’re proud to be pioneers in creating sustainable, ecologically-conscious fine jewelry. To reduce our environmental impact, we craft all our Ecksand jewels using 100% recycled gold and opt for non-polluting jewelry-making practices.  

Conflict-free is the only option

Sustainability doesn’t end at the environment. At Ecksand, we also believe in social sustainability. This is why we handpick all our exquisite Ecksand diamonds for their ethical origin. We select all of our mined diamonds in compliance with the Kimberley process scheme and offer a selection of 100% ethical lab-grown and recycled diamonds. But, even that is not enough. Above and beyond the Kimberley process, we are dedicated to partnering with mines that partake in bettering their communities, from building hospitals to protecting land. 

In-house from A to Z

Making the perfect jewel requires true teamwork. So does reducing our carbon emissions. This is why everything we do -- from designing jewels to customer support -- happens in-house, in our low-emission Canadian atelier. From the designers to the support team, everyone in the Ecksand family contributes to the success of our sustainable approach. 

Unparalleled pricing

the quality you deserve without the markups

At Ecksand, we cut out the middlemen markups and unpredictable import taxes. We also use an innovative direct-to-consumer business model and manage our marketing budget wisely. The way that we do things, here at Ecksand, is all to provide you with highest quality fine jewelry at unparalleled prices.