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Natural gemstones are the stars of the Ecksand Showcase fine jewelry collection. The simplicity of these bezel set designs shine a spotlight on the magnificent colours of sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more. Express yourself by combining these colourful stackable rings, diamond necklaces, and charm bracelets to create a jewel as unique as you are.

14 Items

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  1. Morganite Stud Custom Earrings

    +3 shapes

    As low as 1185 CDN
  2. Three sapphire bracelet

    As low as 1380 CDN
  3. Three emerald necklace

    As low as 1600 CDN
  4. Three diamond bracelet

    As low as 1600 CDN
  5. Pear cut diamond necklace

    As low as 1775 CDN
  6. Pear cut emerald necklace

    As low as 2000 CDN
  7. Jacket diamond earrings

    As low as 2500 CDN
  8. Pink sapphire earrings

    As low as 4300 CDN

14 Items