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Diamond Colour

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, from black and champagne to traditional white diamonds. But it may come as a surprise that white diamonds arrive in a range of tones, from colourless to yellow to brown. This is what the 4C diamond colour is all about.

How is the colour of a white diamond graded?

The GIA's 4C diamond colour refers to the natural colour of a white diamond. Colourless diamonds can have hints of yellow and even brown. While these differences in tone may be invisible to the naked eye, a diamond's colour has a large impact on its rarity and price. Because of this, diamond colour is a key aspect to consider for the value-conscious diamond shopper.

The GIA's Diamond Colour scale accounts for this range; from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow or brown). But, you might wonder, how can I pick the right quality of colour when looking for the best option for me?

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We strive to provide you with only the best diamonds. That's why, at Ecksand, we only offer diamonds graded colourless (DEF, on the GIA scale) and near colourless (GHI) to meet our high standards of quality. Colourless grade diamonds are the most coveted for engagement ring center stones. But that doesn't make near colourless grade diamonds any less beautiful or desirable! In reality, the differences in tone between colourless and near colourless diamonds are virtually invisible to the naked eye. That being said, these differences account for wide variations in price and rarity. If you're looking for a value-conscious option, diamond colour is an important aspect to consider when shopping for your diamond. And remember, it is always a question of finding the right balance with the other 4Cs!

Ask an Ecksand expert: When should I go for colourless or near-colourless?

According to our Ecksand expert Jessica, the metal colour of your engagement ring setting can have an impact on the diamond colour grade you choose. If your setting is yellow gold, you should consider shopping lower colour grade diamonds, as the colour of the setting and diamond will be tonally similar. If your setting of choice is white gold, you should consider shopping for a higher colour grade diamond.

Front view of Three Ecksand Diamond Rings with Multiple Colours


In addition to classic white, diamonds also come in an array of colours. Coloured diamonds fall under a totally different grading system than white diamonds. This system defines the colour ranges and the three main attributes of the stone: the hue, the tone, and the saturation. With their unique and vivid hues, coloured diamonds are the perfect choice for the unconventional bride-to-be. If you're looking for a non-traditional engagement ring, you're in luckl At Ecksand, we offer a range of coloured diamonds including black, yellow, pink and champagne to suit all styles. Definitely what you are looking for? Explore our selection of coloured diamonds rings here.Now that you have learned about colour learn about the other 4 C’s, Cut, Carat, Clarity