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Front view of four Ecksand diamonds with various shapes

Diamond Shapes

In terms of style, shape is the most important aspect to consider when choosing a diamond. But what exactly is a diamond shape? And which one is right for you?

What is a diamond's shape?

To put it simply, ‘shape’ refers to the silhouette of your diamond. Not to be confused with ‘cut’, which refers to the facets and proportions that affect your diamond’s brilliance. Technically, a diamond can be cut into any shape. That’s a lot of options to consider! To make things easier for you, we’ve created a list of our most popular diamond shapes, from timeless round cuts to modern princess cuts, to plush cushion cut diamonds.













Round Cut Diamonds:

The Classic Choice

Front view of Ecksand's round cut diamond ring in yellow gold


“I can’t find a shape more versatile. They look great with any style.”

You can never go wrong with a round-cut diamond. The round cut is the most popular diamond shape, accounting for more than half of engagement ring centre stones - and it’s no wonder! Cut with a whopping 57 facets, round-cut diamonds shine with exceptional brilliance and fiery brightness.

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Front view of two Ecksand Princess Cut Diamond rings

Princess Cut Diamonds:




“My go-to is the princess cut. You can’t beat its modern appeal and exceptional brilliance.”

Do you love modern style? Look no further than the princess cut. This square diamond shape is a favourite among contemporary brides for its clean lines and extraordinary effervescence. After the round cut, princess cut diamonds are the most sought-after engagement ring centre stones.

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Oval Cut Diamonds:

Elongated Elegance

Front view of Ecksand Oval Cut Diamond Ring


“I love the timeless look of oval cuts. Also, they are the best shape to elongate the fingers.”

Want something a little more unique than a classic round cut diamond? Meet the oval cut. This shape features an elegant oblong silhouette that gives the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers. Even better? The elongated shape of the oval cut gives the look of a larger diamond per carat compared to round cuts. Yes, please!

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Marquise Cut Diamonds:

The Vintage Look

Front view of Ecksand Marquise Cut Diamond Ring


“I love this shape for its vintage vibe -- not to mention it’s also a value-conscious option that maximizes carat weight.”

Named after an 18th-century noblewoman, it’s no wonder marquise cut diamonds give off such a regal, vintage vibe. The marquise cut is also referred to as “eye-shaped” for its pointed elliptical silhouette. Marquise diamonds’ long, narrow crowns maximize carat weight, making them appear larger in size. For this reason, the marquise cut is one of the most value-conscious diamond shapes.

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Front view of Ecksand Marquise Cut Diamond Ring

Pear Cut Diamonds:

The Best of Both Worlds

Front view of Ecksand Pear Cut Diamond Ring


“Pear cuts are my favourite! Their elegant shape gives the illusion of longer, more slender fingers.”

The best of both worlds, the pear shape combines the brilliance of round cuts with the appeal of the marquise cut. The result: an exquisitely elegant diamond shape. Pear cut diamonds are also known as “teardrop-shaped diamonds” for their single tapered end. Wear your pear cut diamond ring with the narrow end pointed towards the nail for a finger lengthening effect.

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Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Timeless Brilliance

Front view of Ecksand Cushion Cut Diamond Ring


“Cushion cuts are a truly timeless shape. I love their exceptional fire and brilliance.”

Just like its name suggests, the cushion cut is the plushest of all the diamond shapes. Cushion cut diamonds are synonymous with opulence, and get their lavish look from their rounded square shape.

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Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Glowing Glamour

Front view of Ecksand Emerald Cut Diamond Ring


“Glamour and vintage vibes: the two things that make emerald cuts a great choice for engagement rings.”

If you’re looking for Old Hollywood glamour, the emerald cut is the diamond shape for you. With their large rectangular silhouette, emerald-cut diamonds exude a refined opulence and vintage appeal. This shape’s unique step facets allow more light to reflect throughout the diamond, amping up its brilliance. An emerald-cut diamond is a perfect choice for those who are looking for an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring.

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Front view of Ecksand Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Asscher Cut Diamonds:

Contemporary Luxury

Front view of Ecksand Asscher Cut Diamond Ring


“Not only a rare shape that you won’t see anywhere else, but I find Asscher cuts to have a super sumptuous appeal.”

One of the most modern diamond shapes, the Asscher cut, was first produced in 1902. Asscher cut diamonds are desired for their plush, contemporary look and are recognizable for their octagonal square shape. Although they are similar in look to princess cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds feature larger facets for even more brilliance.

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The Perfect Companion



“Nothing beats the versatility of baguette diamonds! They lend a vintage, but timeless appeal to any ring.”

Baguette diamonds were introduced during the 1920s Art Deco movement, reminiscent of the roaring 20s. It’s a cut with a vintage, alluring nostalgia - a classic beauty that will never go out of style. Not only can you orient them north/south for a classic look or east/west for a more modern approach, but they also pair exceptionally well with other cuts, making them ideal as accent diamonds too.

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A Romantic Token


ECKSAND Administrative TEAM

“What’s more romantic than a diamond engagement ring? A heart-shaped diamond engagement ring!”

An unmistakable symbol of love, the heart-shaped diamond is an ancient cut with royal roots. It’s said that in 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent England’s Queen Elizabeth I, a heart-shaped diamond ring -- a gesture that has gone down in history as a symbol of friendship and goodwill. Since then, historians believe that the diamond’s unique shape became associated with symbols of love and admiration.

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Front view of Ecksand Heart Cut Diamond Ring


Budding Romance

Front view of Ecksand Rose Cut Diamond Ring


“Understated luminosity, and inspired by nature! What’s not there to love?”

Did you know that rose-cut diamonds were invented before electricity? The cut originated in the 1500s and became popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, and was designed to shimmer under candlelight! Rose cuts are known for their large, wide facets, reminiscent of the sprawling petals of a blooming rose. Its flat base and domed top lend an ethereal, delicate feel to the diamond and allow it to be cut into countless shapes.

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Unparalleled Intensity

Front view of Ecksand Radiant Cut diamond ring


“My favourite diamond of all time! It combines the brilliance of a round cut with the elegance of an emerald cut diamond.”

Popular since the 1980s, the radiant cut diamond lives up to its name. Its 70 facets, cut precisely and carefully, offer immense radiance and fire. The radiant cut’s brilliance is surpassed only by the round brilliant cut, making it an ideal choice for the modern bride who wants a non-round diamond with unmatched brilliance.

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