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The Ecksand Pavé Diamond Pavé Wedding Ring and Ecksand Men's Engraved Men's Wedding Band

Our atelier


Welcome to the Ecksand low-emission atelier, where Canadian expertise meets innovation to create sustainable fine jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

01 Design

This is where it all begins. Our imaginations are the starting point of every Ecksand jewel. We draw inspiration from our experiences, art, and the beauty of nature to come up with our exquisite designs.

Our Made for You and Made New custom services allow you to partake in the design experience. Our Ecksand designers invite you to bring your wonderful and wildest ideas to the table to create the jewel of your dreams. Easily create a custom jewel, 100% unique to you, by selecting the design and the stones of your choice, or by integrating heirloom jewelry and loose stones into your brand new Ecksand jewel.

The Ecksand Blossom Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring Accompanied by Jeweller's Sketches in the Ecksand Atelier

02 3D Design

Our talented 3D design team creates renderings and patterns that are sent to our 3D printers where each Ecksand jewel is first materialized into wax casts. This 3D design method allows us to achieve high-precision details and utmost metal quality.


Casting is the step where your Ecksand jewelry design transforms from wax into solid gold, silver, or platinum. In our atelier, we use a meticulous casting technique wherein our metals are melted and then propelled into a mould created from the wax cast. At this point, your jewel is in its roughest form.

The Setting and Band of the Ecksand Halo Engagement Being Prepared for Soldering in the Ecksand Atelier


After a meticulous pre-polish and any necessary welding, the Ecksand gem-setter incorporates your gemstone of choice to the metal setting. Before setting your chosen gem, we inspect and assure its quality, in-house, to ensure the brilliance and beauty of your Ecksand jewel.

Jeweller Setting an Ecksand Natural and Ethical Blue Sapphire on a Recycled Gold Shank in the Ecksand Atelier
Jeweller Polishing the Ecksand Pure Gemstone Diamond and Emerald Ear Climber Earring in the Ecksand Atelier

05 Polishing

Once the gem is set, we polish your jewel, secure the settings, and provide a final audit of your Ecksand jewel to guarantee it meets our high standards. As a personal finishing touch, we can engrave your new piece with the inscription of your choice.