The Ecksand Dual Two-Tone Diamond Pavé Double Band Ring and Two-Tone Chain Link Diamond Pavé Necklace in White and Yellow Gold

How it all started

with ecksand’s mission

Why sustainable jewelry?

Jewels for the planet and the people

At Ecksand, we’re committed to creating jewelry that is better for the planet and the people: indisposable, lifetime wear jewels made from sustainable and ethical materials. Our mission dates back to 2010 when our creative director and co-founder Erica Bianchini challenged the world of fine jewelry. Seeing the current state of the fine jewelry industry -- the disparity between price and quality, the waste and pollution, and the lack of transparency -- Erica set out to create a better, more sustainable alternative. Since the beginning, Erica’s values have been at the core of everything Ecksand does. She co-founded the brand on the following three pillars:

The highest quality at the best prices

Reducing waste by
reusing and

Radical transparency
expert knowledge

Jeweller Crafting the Ecksand Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring, Portrait of Ecksand Creative Director Erica Bianchini, Angle of the Ecksand Diamond Pavé Crown Gemstone Ring

Since then it has been Erica's mission to offer the most exquisite engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry at the best price while embracing the motto: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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Be part of the change

Forever jewels for a waste-free planet

We believe in creating jewelry that lasts forever while respecting the environment throughout the process. Using the highest quality earth-friendly materials, our passionate jewellers handcraft lifetime-wear jewels to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Model Wearing the Ecksand Blossom Diamond Pavé Ring and Diamond Pavé Ear Crawler Earrings, Store Front Window of the Ecksand Montreal Jewelry Store, Angle View of an Ecksand Blossom Diamond Pavé Ring on Floral Background

Fine jewelry with confidence

An expertise like no other

In an industry where information is often confusing or hard to find, we’re committed to radical transparency. We want you to be confident in your decision to purchase an Ecksand jewel. This is why our expert designers are dedicated to providing you with all the need-to-know information on our diamonds, gemstones, pearls, and metals. Whether you’re looking for meaningful engagement and wedding rings or a timeless piece of fine jewelry, we will ensure you always receive the option that is best for you.