The Ecksand Ring Size Chart

Buying a ring starts with knowing your ring size. We make it easy to find out your ring size wherever you are with our Ecksand Ring Size Chart!

How To Measure Your Ring Size

It’s easy to measure your ring size at home, right now, using our printable Ring Size Chart. Before printing, make sure you select “none” under the page scaling option in the Print Preview Window.

You can use the Ring Size Chart to measure a ring you already own. First, find a ring that perfectly fits the finger you’d like to measure. Place the ring on top of the circles on the print-out, until the edge of the circle aligns with the inner edge of the ring. You’ve found your ring size!

You can also create your own ring sizer. Wrap a piece of string around the finger you’d like to measure and mark the spot where the string meets. Measure the string with a ruler, in millimeters, and find the corresponding ring size on our conversion chart in page 2 of our Ring Size Chart. You have just found your ring size!

Ring size chart

International Ring Size Chart

Like with clothing and shoes, ring sizes vary depending on the region. At Ecksand, our rings are specified using USA & Canadian standard sizing. Use our ring size chart to see how your USA ring size compares to standard ring sizes around the world.

View Ring Size conversion chart

Request a Ring Sizer

We’re happy to send you a complimentary ring sizer so you can easily find your ring size at home. Please fill out the form below with your contact order and we will ship you a ring sizer, free of charge.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Each of your fingers has its own unique ring size, and fingers on our dominant hand tend to be larger. For this reason, a ring can usually only be worn on the finger it’s fitted for. When taking your ring size, be sure to measure the exact finger on the same hand you’d like to wear the ring on.
  • The size of your finger varies slightly depending on the temperature of the room you’re in. To find your accurate ring size, make sure to measure your finger in an ambient temperature - not too hot, and not too cold.
  • Be sure to measure your ring size on a dry, clean hand. Hand lotion and water can cause the ring sizer to slip and give an inaccurate reading.
  • The first size that you measure with a ring sizer is always the most accurate. Taking the ring sizer on and off too many times can irritate the skin of the finger and give an inaccurate reading.
  • If the ring sizer gets stuck on your finger, twist - do not pull - it off. You can also use hand lotion or soap to create slip, which will make it easier to remove.

Complimentary Ring Resizing

We want your ring to be the perfect fit. That’s why we offer your first ring resize free of charge.

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