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Let's do the twist. The Ecksand Twist collection offers a
feminine twist on traditional gold jewelry. Handcrafted
from sustainable and ethical materials, these romantic
jewels feature curvy gold strands inlaid with dainty
diamond and gemstone pavés. Add a little romance to
your look with these twisted diamond rings, necklaces,
and earrings.

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  1. Intertwined diamond pendant necklace

    US$ 808 Regular Price US$ 951
  2. Twisted emerald wedding ring

    US$ 845 Regular Price US$ 994
  3. Twisted diamond pavé stackable ring

    US$ 845 Regular Price US$ 994
  4. Twist Intertwined

    US$ 1080 Regular Price US$ 1270
  5. Twisted double diamond pavé stackable ring

    US$ 1081 Regular Price US$ 1272
  6. Twisted sapphire wedding ring

    US$ 1122 Regular Price US$ 1320
  7. Twist Intertwined

    US$ 1434 Regular Price US$ 1687
  8. Twisted diamond hoop earrings

    US$ 1680 Regular Price US$ 1976
  9. Twisted flower pearl ring with diamond halo

    US$ 1874 Regular Price US$ 2205
  10. Twist Flower Diamond Pendant

    US$ 2911 Regular Price US$ 3425
  11. Twist Twin Flower Ring

    US$ 5058 Regular Price US$ 5950
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14 Items